Car insurance: Things you need to know

by Admin | July 9, 2021
Car insurance: Things you need to know

Types of car insurance: which one to choose?

When you have to face the moment of contracting a car insurance, knowing which are the different types of car insurances there are and what each one can offer you, it will definitely help you choose the most adequate one. Not all cars need the same insurance benefits, so you will have to take out the insurance that best suits the type of car, the driver and the usage you are going to get out of the vehicle. Do you want to know which insurance best suits your needs? Continue reading…

Analyze yourself as a driver: determine your history of fines, fender benders or breakdowns and your driving habits: if you use the car for long journeys, for day-to-day use. You should also consider where you park it: if you have a garage or if you always park it on the street.


Make an assessment of the vehicle, depending on the model, the age and even the value of the vehicle you will need one type of insurance or another.
Compare and pay attention to the coverage limits before choosing one policy or another. It is very important to pay attention to the exclusions included in the contract.

What types of car insurance are there?

Third-party insurance

This is the minimum type of car insurance that must be contracted by law, since it is intended to cover damages caused to other drivers or vehicles. That is to say, in cases where the policyholder is at fault for the incidents, where the mandatory civil liability acts, a coverage that appears in all types of insurance.

In certain cases it also includes voluntary civil liability coverage that extends the economic amount of the insured. It also usually includes the legal defense of the insured and a driver's insurance for damages that may be suffered.


Extended or combined third party insurance

In this type of policy the same benefits are included as in the previous one and, in addition, other service coverages are incorporated such as the damages produced in the vehicle's windows or those caused by the fire of the car, the supposed theft of the car…

All Risks

Includes a complete range of coverage, assistance and services. This type of insurance has a very interesting coverage: own damages, which covers the damages in the vehicle itself that have been caused by the driver.

It includes from the slightest damage, such as minor bumps, to total loss. It also includes the benefits of the previous insurance policies. These policies usually include services such as replacement vehicles or defense against traffic fines.


All risks with excess

It is similar to the previous one, but, in this case, the excess is included, which is an amount paid by the insured person if damages are caused to the vehicle. This means that the price of the policy is lower than in the fully comprehensive policy, because the policyholder will pay the expenses up to the amount established as excess and the insurance company will take care of the rest.

Fully comprehensive with excess for electric cars

The boom in electric car sales has forced insurers to design specific plans for this type of vehicle. In this case, in addition to all the benefits of an all-risk policy, coverage for the theft of the integrated recharging cable is included.

Essential coverage in your car insurance policy

1. Compulsory civil liability
Its name already indicates it, it is mandatory for driving, so it should always be included in all types of car insurance, from the most basic to the most complete.

2. Driver's insurance
Both common sense and the statistics of accidents and injuries in traffic accidents, advise not to skimp on this insurance coverage that assists the driver when he/she is guilty of the accident. Most companies incorporate it even in their most basic proposals.


3. Roadside assistance
The most practical and most used coverage by car drivers. It is essential to travel safely and with peace of mind. It is important that it is from kilometer zero and, depending on the type of trips to be made, that it includes not only the country of residence.

4. Windows
The importance of the front, rear and side windows of the car as elements on which visibility at the wheel depends, as well as their vulnerability and delicacy, make it essential to include this coverage when taking out car insurance.

The glass insurance should cover both replacements and repairs of any of the car's windows, including both the glass and the necessary labor.

5. Legal defense
Insurance companies consider this coverage as crucial; therefore, it is almost always included in the most basic insurance policies.

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